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2015-04-12 23:02:04

Fire Risk

What is the fire risk in your property?

Since 2005, it has been a legal necessity for employers to have a Fire Risk Assessment. It might be a legal requirement, but you’re doing more than just checking boxes by asking us to do your Fire Risk Assessment: you’re vastly reducing the risks of a fire starting because you didn’t know where to look for the signs

2015-04-12 23:02:16

How does the assessment work?

During the Fire Risk Assessment itself, you’ll be visited by a professional surveyor who will carry out a comprehensive study of your property. The object of this is to find out what danger areas exist and make recommendations which ensure that you’re compliant with fire safety legislation.

2015-04-12 23:02:29

Your Fire Risk Assessment report

After the Fire Risk Assessment, you’ll receive a full report of all findings. This will include all findings of hazards and dangerous substances, identifying anyone who is at particular risk, examining how effective your current fire safety arrangements are and advising you of any changes needed.

Make sure that your property is legally compliant.

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